Weight – What’s the Deal?

Weight is a weighty issue so unless someone has the inside scoop on why someone is gaining or losing weight and have been invited to comment on it, it is best to keep your mouth shut.  It is not all about eating too much or eating too little.  Sometimes, there is medication and/or illnesses and life issues causing problems of weight gains and losses in people.   There are no perfect people!   We all have flaws that become magnified when we insist on finding flaws in others.



Thinking Out Loud

I changed the title of my site to “Thinking Out Loud” because a lot of what I have to say are random thoughts about things that matter to me. Sometimes, I find myself thinking out loud in public where people can hear me. Doesn’t bother me, it is my way of reasoning with myself about things that I am involved in whether it’s making a purchase that I am not certain about or entering into an agreement that I want to ponder more, it’s all about thinking before you take that all important leap! And isn’t that’s what important.

It's Been Awhile Since I've Said Hello

It’s been awhile since I’ve said Hello to my followers but I want to thank you for following my website and I want to let you know that I have been busy writing and publishing a new Children’s Book, Maxter The Magic Lion.  I also did the illustration for the book and had the nerve to make a rap for it as well.  Additionally, I just published a new fiction book, Hell Hath No Fury, The Good, Bad and Ugly of Relationships.  It’s about infidelity and its impact when spouses and partners break the commitments they have made with one another.  But most important, it delves into the complexity that goes on behind the scene in many of our lives because nothing is ever what it appears to be on the surface.  If you would like to read a free excerpt from the  Hell Hath No Fury book, please contact me at:   montgomerybeverly@comcast.net

In the meantime, I also made a video for one of my booklets, “Rewind the Tape and Rewrite the Script for your Future.”  This booklet has been used as a training booklet in seminars and other venues.

Ever wonder why some people seem to always achieve their goals while others struggle. Well, sometimes it is attributed to how much you believe that you will achieve the goals that you set for yourself. I always think about the time when my then 18 year old son started sending in entries to a big car magazine to win a new mustang car. Everyday, he prepared his batch of entries and I would mail them. He kept telling me that when he won, he was going to take me along with him. Of course, I thought he was a little nuts but six months later when the Federal Express arrived with a certified letter congratulating him on his BIG WIN, I was the one standing with egg on my face. The good thing is I never told him that I thought he wouldn’t win but his belief that he would win along with the effort he put into winning the car taught me a valuable lesson. Don’t give up on your dreams and never let anyone deter you from achieving your goals.

Interested in more inspiration, visit http://www.nogoofs.com, another inspirational website.

When I was managing projects and other complex organizations, I never accepted excuses such as it can’t be done! I already knew what couldn’t be done. I needed to know what could be done to achieve our goals and there was always a great answer or solution to our problem. It forced people to think outside the box and to think about things they hadn’t considered in order to achieve our shared goals.

I know that there are lots of people out there who enjoy providing good service to customers and I appreciate you but for those of you who don’t enjoy it and feel like the customer is inconveniencing you when they ask for your help, please get another job!