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Ever wonder why some people seem to always achieve their goals while others struggle. Well, sometimes it is attributed to how much you believe that you will achieve the goals that you set for yourself. I always think about the time when my then 18 year old son started sending in entries to a big car magazine to win a new mustang car. Everyday, he prepared his batch of entries and I would mail them. He kept telling me that when he won, he was going to take me along with him. Of course, I thought he was a little nuts but six months later when the Federal Express arrived with a certified letter congratulating him on his BIG WIN, I was the one standing with egg on my face. The good thing is I never told him that I thought he wouldn’t win but his belief that he would win along with the effort he put into winning the car taught me a valuable lesson. Don’t give up on your dreams and never let anyone deter you from achieving your goals.

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