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I am looking for people interested in reading and providing feedback on a variety of romance books. I would also like feedback on my preview for my book


What Keeps Me Going!

When I was overseeing and managing large and complex operations, I always found myself hiring people that could juggle!  No, I didn’t say multi-task.

Yes, it is great to have an education.  I have a MBA and legal background so I am all for having a great education but if I have people on my team that can juggle, then I consider that to be a win!  This is key for me because I never accept No or Can’t Do, as a possibility.  I already know what can’t be done.  I want to know what can be done.

I also believe that success results when you set  aggressive goals  for yourself.  You may not achieve that particular goal but more often than not, I have found that you will come pretty close to it.

Keep challenging  yourself, pushing yourself and moving forward to achieve your goals!

A Burning Secret

I have recently authored a new book, A Burning Secret.  This is a romantic book of fiction that is currently being sold at (worldwide) and it is available on Kindle.   A preview of my book is available at the following link:

I hope that you will check it out and I look forward to your comments.

Beverly Montgomery