What does love have to do with it — Everything! It starts with you loving yourself!


Every day I wake up with a purpose for my life! I am not bothered by the fact that I am getting older because I focus more on making each day count! This involves utilizing my brain and keeping active despite any pain I may be experiencing. Each day that God gives me is a blessing!


There is a lot of talk today about bullies in the school yard but you can also find bullies in the workplace as managers or officers who use their position of power to bully their direct reports.  I have seen it happen time and time again but don’t let anyone destroy your confidence.  These people are insecure little people who are struggling to get notice and they are hungry for power.  Do your job well and that is the best way to kick butt!

Rewind the Tape and Rewrite the Script for your Future

Several years ago, I published a self help book entitled, Rewind the Tape and Rewrite the Script for your Future because I found that too many people allow their past mistakes and problems define their future.  The point of my book is that life is full of cobblestones so we have to make the best of them and learn from our mistakes because in the final analysis, it is not how you start out but how you finish that makes the difference!  The title says it all, you first start by rewinding or removing all the negative from your mind because you can’t undo the actual mistakes and start anew.